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Da Juana Byrd

If you've ever felt that you've seen a ghost or angel, lived in a haunted house, felt you've been haunted, even if by an old love, had a scary ghost experience or have had questions about spiritual experiences of any supernatural sort, including ghosts, the soul, God, or psychic medium incidents, then Ghosts Talk is the book for you.  And the best part is that you get answers given via, the author, Da Juana's psychic medium experience. These answers include items such as: ghost, haunted houses, psychic medium events, the mind, spirit, Jesus, God, the difference between angels and ghosts, heaven, hell, life and even life's spiritual and supernatural events in Ghosts Talk, here, for free.  And free is the best, isn't it?

Ghosts Talk brings Da Juana's, a psychic medium, views on information of spiritual value so that you can make your own informed decision as to how you want to treat the ghost in your home.  Her religious background and life long experiences with ghosts' prompt thoughts on ghosts, angels, past lives, supernatural events, spiritual living, religion, Jesus, God, heaven and hell, which she documents with Bible verses.

Help to overcome any scary feelings you might have where supernatural events are concerned is the aim of Ghosts Talk because as a psychic medium, Da Juana knows living with fear can be a depressing event in life.  Communication with ghosts is only a part of understanding your God given gift of psychic ability and being a medium.  This book is dedicated to freeing your mind so that you may enjoy your gifts.

Simple, friendly advice from the author is given on subjects from meditation, to being a medium, to psychic ability and how to use it, karma and reincarnation and everything you ever wanted to know about ghosts.  How to deal with being a psychic medium and communication with the dead without the usual fears are answers Ghosts Talk provides.

Identifying ghosts and realizing that they, like us, have feelings too is part of Da Juana's unique look at life.  Noting that humans are not the only ghosts in heaven is inherent of what you'll find in Ghosts Talk.  From animal ghosts to angels, Ghosts Talk gives you a better look at what life's like on the other side and creates empathy between all the psychic senses.

Read Da Juana's book, "Ghosts Talk - How To Hear And Talk With Them."


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