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A Message from Da Juana

Generally people believe in things they can see, hear, smell, hear or feel. The sixth sense is not tangible but some things are true whether you believe them or not.

When a person who has been blind since birth looks at the world, they see only the darkness that has engulfed their sight. Needing others to explain the world's sights, they create in their mind a picture by listening to the descriptions of sighted people. Having never experienced the ability to see, the blind are left to imagine the sights explained to them. The blind sighting experience is only as magnificent as the sighted persons detailed explanation.

Their dependence on others to perform the act of sight makes the blind learn the process of complete trust. Thus they access an intangible sense called "faith" in those who see for them.

Most of us believe in the existence of God or a higher power. Have we ever seen Him? The majority would say they have not but they still know without a doubt that there is a Supreme Consciousness. What they do not agree upon is whether God is one to fear or one to love. Love and respect are what we want from our children, not fear. If the perception of God is that He is our father, as many believe, then why should he be so different from us? We, then, are part of his spirit as our children are part of ours. 

Spirit is one of those true things whether you believe it or not. It is the thread woven through the fabric of the universe that makes all it touches part of the tapestry of life.

Without the insight of a person believing that the body is a mass of cells, we would still believe that we are one complete body, instead of the multitudes of cells that go about their individual business of making the whole body exist. Medical science came up with the microscope that could see those little cells. Then humans discovered there was more to the body than originally thought. Had man not invented that powerful tool, humanity would still be under the illusion that the body was not a wonderful working colony but instead a single mass as it appears.

The sun with its beauty and light is, like God, one huge energy entity that gives off light brightening a vast darkness. Each ray of the sun breaks away from the parent in order to find darkness and erase it giving instant light.

Although the individual rays seem to break away from the sun, they do not. Instead, they are still a part of the vastness of that celestial being. They continue to emit light and heat wherever that golden ray may travel. Its energy is effervescent, dancing in the darkness with the happiness of a small child learning a new subject. Where there is light, one can see and Believe Without Fear.

Loved ones who have gone before us in death are within our reach to communicate with, though they died long ago. Angels are not beyond belief. Using your psychic ability in everyday life is part of the gift given to you when you return to life on Earth. Believing without fear is an ability you have to learn.

Logic has always dictated that I was and am skeptical of everything. Skepticism has bred a great respect for my learning. Being a person who has to taste, hear, smell, feel and know it is right, I learn and teach in the same manner.

In my quest for knowledge, I found there is no one, right way to do anything. Teaching allows me to bring out the psychic knowledge individuals have possessed all along without their awareness of it. Taking one's psychic ability and dissecting it into the smallest degree helps those seeking education to be able to see psychic abilities in themselves.

Knowledge makes one stronger. Listening to the inner spirit is the key to psychic ability. The inner guide will never fail a person.

Psychic ability is not hard to possess. Everyone has it, although some use it more than others. Most people think psychic knowledge should come with such force it could knock them over, when in fact; it is usually gentle as a whisper. Focus and concentration will allow one to listen to the whisper.

In this book, I strive to reach out to as many people as possible. To answer questions I have asked and been asked, down through the years, is my reasoning for writing this book. Having been where you are, I understand the feeling of being alone. You are not alone. 

My prayer is that this book helps others to understand themselves better. Together we can make a difference. We can make a better world.

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