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People with blue personalities tend to think with their emotions. Either they are way up or way down; sensing all the emotions they can experience on their way to either point.

As feelers, some may cry when happy or sad. Having a need to feel every thing, they leave themselves open to others. They take the mood of any person they are around, whether that person is upset or elated. Feelers don't even know why they run the emotional gambit. They allow their environment to guide their emotions.

Feelings can be overwhelming when one is in a "blue mood." Mood is the state of mind in which a person functions. People can never be in one state too long. Thus the blue personality does not stay in one frame of mind for long periods of time. It needs to create diversity to keep from feeling stuck.

Some personalities of blue stay within themselves and do not trust people very much because when wearing a blue aura they are easily mentally and emotionally injured. Afraid of trusting and being hurt, they feel the need to keep their distance from others.

The paler shades of a blue personality indicate people who want everything in order. Their closet is immaculate. They know where any piece of clothing is and most likely how long it will take them to get it out of the closet. Although they appear to be perfectionists, they are not. Instead they enjoy the ability to be able to itemize everything.

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