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it might have to run. Be ready, because this just doesn't feel right, the aura advises the brain.

In another case, a man could be walking down a street but this time in his own neighborhood where he ordinarily feels safe. Suddenly a large, strange dog emerges from a yard. His aura goes out to meet the dog's aura to see if the dog is well-intentioned. Upon feeling each other, the man feels that the dog is not one he wants to mess with and the dog feels a certain amount of fear from the man's aura. Now they have a decision to make. Is it worth a fight or should they allow each other to pass by?

Empathy will help both to make a good decision.

In everyday life, humans use empathy with friends and neighbors. When you see a friend who is emotionally down, you know it before that friend can even give every gory detail of their situation. That friend can look and act the same as always, but her aura gives the message that all is not well. The first words between the two become a question, "What is wrong?" Rarely is the aura and Empathy wrong.

When you cry over a movie or someone else's hurt, you are an empath because you have empathy for whatever another may feel even if it is only in the movies and not real.

A common example of empathy occurs when two people see each other on a daily basis. Take work, for instance. Each morning you see the same person when you arrive at work. You feel wonderful when you enter your workplace ready to face the day.

But the instant you walk through the door, greet the person whom you see every day with a smile and get a returned smile, you feel as if you need to crawl under a blanket and hide. Without quite understanding why, your whole attitude changed with your waltz through the door. You drag yourself to your desk to work out the day with one wish - that the day goes quickly.

If we analyze the situation, we can find the culprit. Look back with me now to see what went wrong or what is right. You felt on top of the world until you walked through the doors and smiled at your colleague. He even smiled back. Nothing was

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